Mamasan Lyon in France: Best Vietnamese culinary experience in town

#onlylyon Established and opened in January 2017, restaurant Mamasan has quickly been identified by the influencers and media as one of the culinary r

Back to school with love from Mamasan #onlylyon
Mamasan® was sketched up by Guillaume Long and published in Lyon Capitale
Legacy of Mister Paul, a.k.a. Paul Bocuse

#onlylyon Established and opened in January 2017, restaurant Mamasan has quickly been identified by the influencers and media as one of the culinary rookies of the year, in Lyon (France). Mamasan offers a simple, yet fine and exquisite taste of Vietnam. The chefs behind the piano share their traditional Vietnamese recipes to visitors and food lovers. What has made Mamasan so mouth-watering among Lyon foodies’ community? It can be explained by its genuine Vietnamese DNA in the menu, mixed with a well thought South-East Asian street eatery atmosphere and interior design; from the bar, where you can sip a good Tiger beer, and feel like you are in a street bar in Asia thanks to the red neon light, the phone cables above your head, the bird cage hanged at the front store; to the menu, where you can taste the famous Vietnamese noodles soup, pho, as well as the genuine and delicious bun bo or in western-talking bo bun (A fresh and healthy salad made of cold noodles, pickles of carrot (So Yummy!), fine slices of organic beef, letuces, corianders, nuoc mam sauce and pieces of nems), and the in-house star savoury pastry Pate So, which is delicious! (It’s a kind of bun / empanadas stuffed with mixed pork, onions, mushrooms. You have to taste it if you are in a lucky day and can find it on the menu); then, you MUST finish with the best toilet’s experience in Lyon! You will find yourself traveling in Vietnam! It’s like VR (i-e Virtual Reality) but at another level…! 🙂

This harmonious and well-balanced mix of Vietnamese culinary tradition and street-food cool atmosphere and service makes Mamasan a must to try and taste when visiting Lyon in France!!

The media have been charmed by Mamasan. One of the most famous French cuisine journalist (Mr. François-Régis GAUDRY) has talked about Mamasan in a national published and distributed magazine (L’Express Style), and also has covered the Mamasan in his talk-show on a national streamed French Radio, France Inter, On Va Déguster ! You can download the podcast.

Now, you know what to do when in Lyon! 🙂

Interested to follow the daily cuisine life of Mamasan? Just head off here:



Bistrot vietnamien Mamasan à Lyon dans L'Express Style

Bistrot vietnamien Mamasan à Lyon dans L’Express Style



  • comment-avatar
    eric 1 year

    great! I’ve added it to my to-eat list for my next trip to France!

    It looks awesome!

    If you have any other good places to share, shout me please! 🙂

    Thanks and happy new year!!

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    john 1 year

    Happy new year! Will visit this restaurant during my stay in Lyon next month!

    I second eric for the sharing of nice restaurants to do while in Lyon.

    Thank you for sharing good vibes with us!

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